>Digitized Beaded Camo Print

The other day, Allison commented on my last military post. She said (when I am finished creating this M1 Abrams main battle tank), my beadwork will “unfortunately look like the new digitized camo print… ” I hope she’s right- I want it to look like that! You can see a sample of the digitized camo HERE. Now look at a close up of my beadwork – do you think it looks similar?

beaded camo camouflage print M1 Abrams tank Afghanistan U.S. pop art war bead embroidery
If I were going for one of the old style camouflage prints, I would stitch in completely different directions, but since I want it to look like the new camo, I am stitching in straight lines. The one thing that is making it difficult is that I am using 2 different size seed beads – 15/o and 11/o. So, the beaded lines aren’t exactly perfect… 😮
beaded camo camouflage print M1 Abrams tank Afghanistan U.S. military war bead embroidery
17″ wide x 5.5″ tall (40 x 13cm)

I still don’t know what I’m going to do for the wheels & undercarriage of the tank, so I put a set of metal washers there to give you an idea of how it might look. They seem to fit perfectly, though! How do you think it looks so far? And, what do you think I should use for the wheels??

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  1. >Wow. You mentioned me! I've been a lurker for some time, always waiting with baited breath for the latest update on your latest project (I LOVED your White House and the Abigail Adams project!). I respect the fact that you WANT your project to look like the new digitized print, it's got it's good and bad points 🙂 I think using different sized beads will actually help the effect you are going for, as the bigger ones can contribute to the bigger patches, etc. I just personally thing the edges with the digitized prints on the new BDUs are too square. I'm a modernest, but not super modern 😀 At least I'm not a super traditionalist either—those monotone uniforms stick out like a sore thumb! Of course, they have their own advantages too…but to each his own 😀

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