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People always ask me where I get my beads. The truth is, I get my beads anywhere I can! I do have my favourite shops, but I don’t shop exclusively at any one place because every shop carries something different. Yesterday, I went to my local bead shop in Scituate Harbor, MA – Beaucoup Beads. I picked up 3 new colours. Check out the beads in the tubes below:

U.S. Military M1 Abrams main battle tank camoflauge seed beads bead embroidery projectI got Miyuki 15/o and 11/o Matte Opaque Olive, 15/o Dyed Opaque Olive, and 15/o Sparkling Lined Sand Dune Mix (my new favourite colour!). Also, in the photo is a bag of a lighter shade of 15/o olive-coloured seed beads that I got from Beadworks in Boston, 15/o Toho Brown Lined Light Green from Artbeads.com, and 11/o Matte Olive Green I got from Fire Mountain Gems! These colours are very close to the colours U.S. soldiers wear in Afghanistan.

U.S. Military M1 Abrams main battle tank camoflauge bead embroidery project
I am starting by stitching beads to one of the felt layers of my M1 Abrams tank. In real life, these military tanks are usually only one colour, like sand, but I think it will look more interesting in camoflauge print! What do you think? 😀

U.S. Military M1 Abrams main battle tank camoflauge bead embroidery project
Semi-beaded M1 Abrams main battle tank.
16″ wide x 5.5″ tall (40 x 13cm)

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  1. >Thanks for the comments, everyone! Allison, I am actually hoping it looks like the new digitized camo print. I really want it to look modern as we would see it today. If I were to do one of the old style camos, I would stitch in a completely different manner! Thanks for your interest! 🙂

  2. >While it would be great for you to stick to the original color of the tank (many different tans WOULD be nice), it might not stand out as much as doing it in camo. Besides, if you stop and think about it, sometimes they put those canvas camo coverings over the tank to hide them, right? So it's not so far from reality 😀 Unfortunately, it will look like the new digitized camo print which, sadly, irks the heck out of me. I liked the much more natural curves to the camo that they had when my husband and I were in the Army!

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