>Bead-Embroidered Face


beaded portrait Abigail Adams Samuel John Quincy MA historical society portrait art bead embroidery
Semi-beaded Abigail Adams portrait. 4″ x 2.5″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Work in progress.


Today, just a quick photo of my current project. This is my semi-beaded portrait of Abigail Adams. (If you are a new reader, you can learn about my inspiration for this project HERE.) I worked on this a little when I was in Venice, but I completed most of it when I got home. This piece is a little different than my usual style, for reasons unknown even to me. Probably because it is a rendition of a human face! My version is a contemporary one at that, perhaps inspired by the mosaics & masks I saw in Italy. As usual, I’m not sure I like it just yet.. I guess I’ll just have to keep on beading to see how she turns out! 

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  1. >This is quite different from some of your previous work but we love it just as much. We haven't popped by in a while – busy times but glad you enjoyed Venice.We are remembering all our US friends today. FAZ

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