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Titmouse & Berries.
Bead embroidery & acrylics. 5″ x 7″. (12cm x 18cm)

Last night, I finished my beaded Tufted Titmouse painting! My little gray bird is sitting on a natural pine branch which is both stitched/glued to my painted canvas. Then, I added a variety of red beads for berries! My favourite glass beads are the large flat ones which have metallic dots on them. I got those beads at Beadworks on Newbury Street several years ago. I believe they were labeled as vintage, as they were very high-priced for only a string of 10. But, I just had to have them, and they seemed to be perfect for this simple bead-painting!

I am enjoying making these little birds as small works, and I really love how they look on an oval canvas. I think I will continue with my bird series in this manner! Now, on to my hummingbird canvas… 😀

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