>Beaded Rufous Hummingbird


Right now, I have two small projects on my work table. After painting a small canvas for one piece, I began beading this tiny Rufous Hummingbird:

beaded bird art bead embroidery artist beadwork tufted titmouse pin painting
Bead embroidery on felt. “1.5 x “1.25 wide. Work in progress.

This little bird is similar to the Ruby Throated Hummingbird pin in my Etsy shop. I used 7 different colours of size 15 Japanese seed beads and copper wire was used for the beak and claw. Like my Tufted Titmouse, this will become part of a small beaded painting! Now, back to that canvas I was working on… 🙂

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16 thoughts on “>Beaded Rufous Hummingbird

  1. >I love hummingbirds. I had one stop in flight a couple months of go, when I was tending to my vegetables, to check out what I was doing. It was looking right at me. It was a wonderful experience. Great work.

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