>Buzzing Beads


I had wanted to complete my beaded White House relief painting today for President Obama‘s birthday, but I still have a few more beads to stitch to the canvas. Here’s a sneek peak at what I’m beading:

Beaded bumblebee honey bee portuguese water dog Bo Obama pop art bead embroidery mixed media
I am stitching beaded honey bees directly to my painted oval canvas. These bees are made of 4 size 15 seed beads and 2 half bugles for wings. Bees are on the White House grounds because there are now 2 beehives there in real life! Honey bees will help to pollinate the flowers in Michelle’s new garden! I don’t know if I actually like my beaded bees, or if anyone looking at the painting will be able to figure out what they are, but Bo certainly knows what they are because the bees keep buzzing around his head! 😮

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