>Beaded Bluebird Painting


Yesterday, I posted a nice surprise on my Facebook page. I got an email from the Cambridge Art Association telling me my beaded ‘Robin in Snow’ painting sold from the Art Fair! I am thrilled! The show runs until September 1st, so they told me that I can bring in another piece to replace it with! Since most of my works are large, I didn’t have any pieces already complete that would fit in the price-range of $300 or less, so here’s what I did:

beaded eastern bluebird on branch white mountains NH nature art relief painting beading blog
Using acrylics, I painted an 8″ x 10″ canvas that I had on hand. I layered several different colours in the same style as my White House painting. Now that my painting is dry, I’m going to stitch my beaded Eastern Bluebird that was previously listed in my Etsy shop to the canvas. I think a natural pine branch will tie the two mediums together quite nicely!

beaded eastern bluebird on branch white mountains NH nature art relief painting beading blog
When it is complete, I think I’ll call it Bluebird in New Hampshire, because I love it up there! I have never seen a bluebird in the wild, but if I did, I imagine it would look something like my painting! I think this will be a perfect piece to add to the Art Fair. I hope to deliver it to University Place Gallery next week! What kind of bird or animal should I bead next?? 😀

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  1. >Way to go!!! This is fantastic news…someone totally *LOVES* "Robin in the Snow"! COOL! I love that you painted another canvas and attached the Eastern Bluebird. It looks awesome! I adore the pine branch too. Someone will be very happy to own it!!!I adore that it is an Eastern Bluebird…it is beautiful! I'm just waiting for a little Western influence. 🙂 Your beading is stunning, as always! Whenever I visit…you give me food for thought and I always learn something new…Thank You for sharing that! You are such an inspiration to me and so many other people!Hmmmmmm….want a challenge?…a Flicker…they are such beautiful birds. When they land in our yard…I am in awe of their beauty. Their pattern is just stunning. Next thought…a squirrel…they are so fun to watch and they are so cute!!! A Rufous Hummingbird!It doesn't matter what you are beading, Diana, I'll be here supporting whatever you stitch! ~Lisa

  2. >Thanks for the comments, everyone! I like everyone's suggestions so far! A squirrel would be appropriate especially being in Boston… A frog would be cool, too! (I will have to think about that one… ) And, coincidentally, I have been planning on beading a woodpecker for quite awhile now. I love those birds! 🙂

  3. >Your art is just amazing! Congrats on your latest sale.On your question — have you ever done a woodpecker? They're a lovely bird, it would be very interesting to see your interpretation.

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