>Felt Birds & Dogs

>beaded bird brooch bead embroidery pop art the lone beader boston bo obama portuegese water dog

Amidst all of my beading, I’ve also been cutting out felt shapes for future Etsy items. Cutting felt gives me a break from beading & when I finish cutting felt, it motivates me to do more beadwork! Each of these felt shapes took me awhile to make – they each have 3-5 layers of felt! Most of you probably recognize these shapes – a Cardinal, an English Bulldog, a Tufted Titmouse, & Jack Russell Terrier… But what kind of dog is the black one? 😉 

10 thoughts on “>Felt Birds & Dogs

  1. >What a great break for awhile from your big project!Yep…The First Dog of the United States…I knew you would include him and I'm so glad you are. Talk to you soon…~Lisa

  2. >So, I wondered how you kept going. You take a break and then get back to it and you have more than one project going at a time.I like to needlepoint But, I have one half done and it has been years now. My bad.:)

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