>Bird’s the Word


beaded black-capped chickadee wild bird bead embroidery art pin etsy pendantBeaded Chickadee pin/pendant. Click for more photos.

Just a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to over the weekend. I have been busy working on my Etsy shop! I created a beaded Black-capped Chickadee pin! I have always loved Chickadees because they call me by my knickname (chick-a-dee-dee-dee)! And, every time I walked through the woods up in New Hampshire, these little birds followed me. They kept an eye on me and made me feel safe! But, my little beaded bird is a city bird. He’s sitting on a steel wire instead of a tree branch. I used tiny size 15 Japanese seed beads for the entire piece, and I finished it with a pin/pendant finding so it can also be worn on a necklace chain! You can see a sneak peek at how I made it HERE & HERE. Also, check out more photos by clicking the image above.

I also listed that beaded button I was working on awhile back – I called it Earth on the Rocks. And, I added a new item to the SALE section in my shop – my beaded Robin in Winter Snow painting! You can see it in this ‘Summer’ Treasury:

beaded summer treasury wild bird American Robin bead embroidery painting etsy
(Click to view this Summer Treasury on Etsy.)

Also, before I forget, check out my interview on the DZ Fantasy blog! I am thrilled to be featured! *blush* 🙂 Now, I think I’ll get back to my beaded White House painting… What did you accomplish over the weekend?

12 thoughts on “>Bird’s the Word

  1. >I just adore the chickadee and I love the story,Dee! They are the sweetest little birds. I like the steel wire too, it looks great! Love that Robin in Winter Snow painting…yum…well, I love all your pieces!!!!!! 😉

  2. >Well, lots. Finished as far as I can, a brooch/necklace, almost finished a scarf for Cancer patients and went to church and had wonderful friends to visit with. I like Chickadees too. He's a cutie!

  3. >So he's a Bird On A Wire? I'm out here in California. Is your beadwork still being exhibited at Channel Islands. I see the gallery is open on Wednesday and I'll head out to see it if it's still there.Love this little bird.

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