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To answer everyone’s questions about my last post, yes, the new felt pieces in my beaded White House painting are intended to be trees and/or foliage. When I went to Washington D.C. last September, I noticed that there were many trees on the White House grounds. It is a very green place – maybe even greener than Fenway Park! Here is a photo I took of the South Lawn:

beaded White House east west wing Barack Obama pop art beadwork bead embroidery blog

I did a little research, and learned that many of the trees are indeed historical! Thomas Jefferson planted many seedlings, and now the oldest surviving tree is a magnolia which was planted by Andrew Jackson in 1830! With that in mind, I don’t think it would be right to leave them out of my beaded picture.

beaded White House east west wing Barack Obama pop art beadwork bead embroidery blog
Semi-beaded trees for beaded White House relief painting. 10″ x 6″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Work in progress.

So, yesterday, I started beading! And, now that I’ve begun, I think I may need to get some more green beads… 😮

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  1. >Great photo and that is so interesting about the trees…especially the magnolia planted in 1830 and it's still alive! Wow…how cool is that! You are right…they need to be included!

  2. >I believe you are correct! More beads. I entered a contest and just got through looking through some beads when I found the prefect thing, I'd forgotten I had. I bought it for a buck I think from some lady who was selling stuff for a friend who's mom had died and she had all this neat stuff. It is so different from what I thought about doing, I'm sitting with the concept for a bit to see if I like it. You need more green beads!

  3. >Oh, yea. Obama is everywhere. He just spoke in Egypt, then he went to Germany and visited Buchenwald. Now he will go to France for the D-Day anniversary. Michelle is on her way there to meet him! 😀

  4. >Cool that those trees are historical!!! And where is your president today? It seems like he is not in the White House … 😉 I could see him somewhere else. TV is full of Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama over here today! 😀

  5. >Wow, I never realized there were so much greenery. Your start with the beads are looking good….that is a lot of beading. I think it will look terrific when done. 🙂

  6. >Very cool back story on the White House – I suspect that my family and I will need to make a sight seeing trip to DC very soon!

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