>It’s Not About the Canvas


Everyone is probably wondering how I am going to finish my beaded White House when it is finally finished. For those of you who are new readers, I usually finish my bead paintings by stitching the beadwork to a painted stretched canvas. Since my White House is quite large (16″ wide) and will be even larger when I am finished, I will need a good sized canvas, but not just any canvas. I want a large oval canvas.

Utrecht boston mass ave MA artist thelonebeader oval canvas art supply store
For the past month or so, I have been searching online and emailing art supply stores to see if I can get a 36″ oval stretched canvas. I even went to Utrecht, a local art supply shop in Boston, to see what they had.

Utrecht boston mass ave MA artist thelonebeader oval canvas art supply store

Utrecht has many canvases in all different shapes and sizes, but they only had a 9″ x 12″ oval canvas available in the store. I asked if they could special order one for me, but largest oval they make is 20″. Someone from the store told me that “The bigger sizes are very difficult to manufacture since the frame is cut from particle board on a jig and larger sizes require more cut outs in order to create a braced frame. These frames can be made specially for us, but it is not possible to do special orders on this particular product group (ovals and circles) since they don’t use standard frames that we can adjust or cut on a lathe in the canvas factory, and we can’t order individual pieces- it is just too expensive…” I appreciate Utrecht’s honesty. I also appreciate the 30% off coupon code they gave me to make up for it! Now, I will definitely have to try their acrylic paints! 😀

Rex Art MA artist thelonebeader oval canvas art supply store
So, after some more internet searching, I finally found Rex Art. They carry 24″ x 36″ Fredrix Oval Convexo stretched canvases by the box of 4! A box of 4 of these canvases is pricey and they will have to be shipped to me. At first, I was trying not to go this route because I only need one, but I don’t think I have any other choice at this point. I know that art is not about canvas and it’s not about the beads – it’s about ideas, but my idea is to represent the Oval Office, and I feel this can only be done on an oval canvas. Looks like I will have to place an order… What do you think I should do with the other three canvases?? 😮

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  1. >I love the idea of a oval canvas…just perfect for this piece!It’s a bummer that you couldn’t buy just one though! You’d think they would sell them individually and/or as a pkg deal. Well, maybe you should hold onto them for another project…but if you really don’t have the space for storing or think that you’ll use that size of an oval frame again…then I’d try to sell them!Nice that Utrecht was honest and shared a 30% off coupon you though!

  2. >Good idea, Mary! I might have to make more oval pieces. Maybe a series of gov't buildings?? :DReadingsully, no I have not done 'vintage'-looking beadwork yet. I have an idea to do a beaded tapestry which features my great aunt who is in heaven now, but it will be done in my contemporary style. Since my style is relief, I think that everything I bead will look contemporary, even if it is a vintage subject, like my cars! 🙂

  3. >Have you done anything or are you going to do anything with a vintage look. Like perhaps beading a photo of someone in your family….and old photo. 🙂

  4. >I think you should offer them to friends that live close by. It is an unusual size! They could afford them probably. Or, make more oval things???????

  5. >No, there is no way I am de-stashing the other canvases on Etsy. They are 36″ wide which means they would have to be shipped Fed Ex. They would cost just as much as the canvas to ship safely (if not more!), and no one on Etsy would pay that for a canvas. The only way I would sell the other canvases is via local pickup on Ebay/Craigslist…

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