>Out and About in Cambridge

>Last night, I went to the Cambridge Art Association‘s Northeast Prize Show opening reception with my friend Jimmy. It was a very nice event, and there was a great turnout! Jimmy & I checked out some fabulous paintings at both the Kathryn Schultz Gallery & University Place near Harvard Square. We talked with some people, ate tiny egg salad sandwiches, attended the awards, and I had my photo taken by a professional photographer! Also, while we were looking at my beaded Boston trolley, a woman came over and asked “Are youThe Lone Beader‘”??

I smiled and said ‘Yes’. 🙂

The Lone Beader's 2009 Northeast Prize Show photoset The Lone Beader’s 2009 Northeast Prize Show photoset

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  1. >Congratulations on your show! I hope it was a success and that you got people interested in your work!You’ve been awarded the Lovely Blog Award because your posts are engaging and thoughtfully written. I also like how you explain your creative process. Check out my blog to see, congratulations! 🙂

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