>Wild Wednesday Treasury


The Lone Beader bead embroidery artist beaded Tigress ACEO Etsy treasury animal print
This week, my beadwork is featured in not one, but two Etsy Treasuries! Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items. The first one entitled ‘Deep in the Jungle‘, features my beaded Tigress ACEO. The second one, entitled ‘Free Parking Here!‘ features my beaded Buell motorcycle! I am honoured! I hope you’ll stop by to see! 😀

12 thoughts on “>Wild Wednesday Treasury

  1. >Don’t blush – get used to fame (and hopefully fortune along the way!). Your work is sensational, you deserve all these accolades.LOVE the White House – OMG you’ve even got the curtains in there…

  2. >Congratulations on the Etsy Treasuries! How exciting!Awesome work – keep it up!Jackiehttp://www.etsyitemoftheday.com

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