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Each day, I get closer and closer to finishing my beaded White House, but the details are what make it a slow process. I did finish beading the columns on the center section of the house, but I think I want to layer them with more beads to make them stand out even more. We’ll see about that. I also have to try to create beaded railings on this section. Then, I can move on to the roof…

beaded White House Barack Obama change bead embroidery pop art beadwork beading blogSemi- beaded White House relief painting. 16″ x 6″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Work in progress.

Besides beading, I have been busy updating my artist resume. I am required to bring one with me when I drop off my bead-painting at the Cambridge Art Association for the upcoming Northeast Prize Show. Compared to most other artists, my resume is pretty short, but here’s what I have so far:

The Lone Beader

(Name and Contact info)

Forthcoming Exhibition

Bead + Fiber Gallery. Boston, MA. September 4- 26, 2009

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 – Focus on Fiber II – Fiber Open. Studio Channel Islands Art Center. Camarillo, CA.
2008 – Celebrating Beads, a journey of… Bead Museum. Washington, D.C. Finalist.
2008 – 11th Annual Quincy Artsfest. Quincy, MA.
2008 – Bead International 2008. Dairy Barn Arts Center. Athens, OH.
2008 – Dimensions 2008. Associated Artists of Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem, N.C.
2008 – Taking Textiles Seriously. Side Show Studios. Sacramento, CA.
2007 – Bead Dreams 2007. Milwaukee, WI.

2008 – Juried 1st Place Mixed Media. 11th Annual Quincy Artsfest. Quincy, MA.
2007 – 2nd Place NonWearables. Bead Dreams 2007. Milwaukee, WI.

Wildlife painting for _____________
Pet portrait for ________________

РУЧНАЯ РАБОТА (Handmade Magazine) 2008, Russia.
Bead International 2008 & Beyond Basketry Exhibition Catalog – Ohio University Press.
Bead & Button Magazine (Bead Dreams Special Supplement). October 2007.
Bead & Button Magazine (Your Work). December 2007, June 2007, December 2006, June 2005.

Selected Online Publications
The Lone Beader – Adventures in Bead Embroidery. Artist weblog. 2006 – present.
EBSQ Live Studio. Adventures in Bead Embroidery. January 2007.

Self taught.

See also TheLoneBeader.com.


How do you think it looks so far? Is there anything I should add or omit? I still have to work on my Artist Statement a bit, but I do plan to include that, as well. I also plan to include a statement about my painting just in case anyone is interested. Looks like I have some writing to do! 😮

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  1. >The columns look awesome. Your resume looks fantastic. Like one bead at a time…it’s one exhibition, one award, one commission and one publication at a time. You will be adding to that resume more and more…you and your beadwork are going places, dear heart!!! ~Lisa

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