>May Flowers


Last week, Freebird commented by saying that I should make an Inchie and sell it in my Etsy shop. Truthfully, it was something I had been thinking about… So, this weekend, I made my first set! Check them out! 😀

beaded Inchy bee bead embroidery inchies pendants etsy shop beading blogBUMBLEBEE FLOWERS – beaded inchy art for jewelry making.
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For those of you who don’t know what Inchies are, they are 1″ square works of art made for collecting and trading. I love the idea, but I really want my inchies to have another purpose, so I added eyepins to them. Now, they can be connected and strung with other beads to make a unique piece of jewelry! Or, add a split ring and wear one as a pendant! Inchies could also be used as fiber art embellishments or made into magnets, tiny pins, buttons, or even drawer pulls! They can also be displayed just as they are… 😀

Of course, I can’t make anything simple, so my inchies are completely beaded! I made them by stitching lampwork beads and seed beads to felt. The bumblebee & flower lampwork beads have been in my collection for quite a number of years now, and unfortunately I cannot remember who made them. I purchased them as a set, so I thought it only right to keep them as a set in my finished works. They are cute and whimsical, and would make great components for a beaded bracelet!

beaded Inchy bee bead embroidery inchies pendants etsy shop beading blog

These Inchies are currently listed in my Etsy shop as OOAK – this set will not be duplicated. But, I do like the concept… If there is any interest, I might make some more! 🙂

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  1. >Another thing: Do you have a photo box or how you call it? I am asking cause your inchies look great on the white background. I would love to have such a photo box, too!

  2. >I love inchies and I love miniature landscapes. Yours are so cool. I have seen minitaure landscapes made from clay and loved them. That’s why I tried out working with clay a little bit at the end of last year. I should have beaded landscapes. Really, really love your inchies. I am sure, you will sell them in heaps!

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