>Bent Beading Needle


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Close-up: Semi- beaded White House relief painting. 17″ x 6″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Beadwork in progress.

This is how severely I bent my 3″ beading needle – no wonder this section of the White House is going so slow for me… Do you let your beading needle get this bent? How long do you think this needle will last? Should I just junk it now, and get a new one? Or should I try to keep using it? What would you do? 😮

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17 thoughts on “>Bent Beading Needle

  1. >I usually lose my needles before they get that bent. Funny too never seem to find them. You know like in a foot or sit on them. Of course I don’t use any needle as long as you do.

  2. >This is beautiful but where did all of your aceo’s go? All of your work always astounds me. It take so much patience to work with beads that way. I just love it. Thanks for sharing that with everyone!

  3. >That is a wonderful piece you are working on. In the interest of being as green as you can be, you should use that sucker until it breaks, the way most of my beading friends do. Besides, compared to a few of my needles, that’s almost straight. LOL

  4. >OMG this is amazing! I have never seen anything like this before! wow!My needles get gunky because I sew through glued bits sometimes. And the ends get squeezed when I force them through tough beads. Which then break, of course. Argh.

  5. >I usually snap my needles in two pieces. I can’t stand to use needles bent that badly and have been know to scrap one with just a single bow in. Toss that needle, girl!

  6. >usually gently straighten them with my flat nose pliers. I know they bend even easier but it makes it a bit more comfortable at least for a little while.the white house is magical ..

  7. >Yes, I do let them get that bent, but I throw them out when I either (a) actually NOTICE that it’s that bent, or (b) realize I can’t get the needle to go where I want it because it’s bent!

  8. >I regularly abuse my beading needles until they snap. I’m sure it’s a sign that I should be working more gently/carefully, but I take an odd sort of pride in my stash of needle shrapnel. 🙂

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