>Beaded Window Pains


It seems I took the weekend off from blogging! I guess that’s what happens when you mix warm weather with a Red Sox game! 😀

beaded White House windows Barack Obama pop art beadwork bead embroidery blogClose-up: Semi- beaded White House relief painting. 17″ x 6″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Beadwork in progress.

However, I did work on my Etsy shop and created a couple of new listings. I also spent quite a bit of time beading – enough so that my 3″ beading needle is now bent pretty severely! Anyways, as you can see, I’m still working on the windows of my beaded White House! I am now working on the center section (where the Oval rooms are). I am using gray size 15 seed beads for this section of windowpanes… Also, you’ll notice that I decided not to bead curtains in all of the windows… I want to leave room for beaded trees that might be in front of the windows…

beaded White House windows Barack Obama pop art beadwork bead embroidery blog

Afterall, they might be homes, too! 😀

13 thoughts on “>Beaded Window Pains

  1. >It is looking fantastic…and trees too?…cool! For sure with a Robin and nest in one! And, I love Timaree’s comment…you *have* to do the First dog Bo!!! You are the QUEEN of animals and birds! It’s really awesome Diana! Thanks for taking the time to share because it really is fun watching the projects you create. You have your work cut out for you still on this project. Bead on girl!

  2. >Wow! Terrific. Have I really been gone that long or have you been working super fast? I fear it’s the former. Ah well, are you going to add Bo?

  3. >From this point of view the beaded curtains even look more real! And yeah for beaded trees!!! I am looking forward to them. You have come very far with your new project already.

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