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Close-up: Semi- beaded White House windows.
Bead embroidery on felt. Beadwork in progress.

Here’s what I plan to work on today – the curtains seen in the windows of my beaded White House. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to bead these, but so far, I like how they look! I am using size 15 Japanese seed beads in two different whites. The curtains are made using a modified bead-embroidered peyote-stitch. Do you think they look like fabric? So far, I have completed 2.5 windows. I only have 23 more (+ one door) to go! I better get beading! 😮

What are your plans for today?

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  1. >Hi Louise! Thanks for our comment! You are right about the curtains, they are technically on the ‘outside’ -that is my artistic license. This way, when you look at the piece from afar, you can see them better, and they add a little more texture to the piece itself. Thanks for stoppin by! ;D

  2. >Having been a lurker for a long time, I’d finally like to say that I’m very impressed with your work and dedication to your long term projects – it’s wonderful to see them grow and develop.I am an absolute seed bead addict, but do very little with them because I find them so attractive in their little bags and pots and unless I can improve on them in that state, I feel its best to leave them as they are – but your work shows that that could be possible!Anyway, I need to confess my ignorance on this subject (I’m from the UK), but I have a question. I’m sure I am missing something important and that I’ve gotten it wrong somehow, but if you are beading the White House as seen from the outside, surely the curtains (I’m picturing flowing fabric drapes here) wouldn’t be on the outside getting wet with rain etc, but on the inside. I’m probably wrong and they are probably some form of concrete ornamentation, or wooden shutters, or something, but could you please clarify for me????Louise

  3. >Hey Diana…finally out and about and getting caught up today! Can’t wait to see what I’ve missed and catch up here.The curtains look great and certainly look like fabric…very cool!Today…finish catching up, pull out some stuff and start a new beading project…and definitely looking forward to the weekend! Have a nice one…bead on my friend. ~LisaP.S. Always a treat when you swing by…isn’t the rufous cool…can’t wait to see yours!!! 😉

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