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This weekend, I took a break from my beaded White House to make a beaded ruby-throated hummingbird pin! I have been meaning to do a hummingbird for awhile – it is one of my mother’s favourite birds! And, one thing I am learning about these small projects is that they take just as long as some of my larger ones. I guess it’s not easy to create such details in a small space! 😮

For this piece, I used mostly Japanese size 15 seed beads, as well as some charlottes. There are a few different greens including my new favourite Toho brown-lined light green! Also, the red beads are vintage Czech seed beads from my personal collection. I simply stitched them to a small piece of felt! And, of course I added wire for the beak & claws. Here’s the finished piece – it’s available for sale atThe Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop! Perfect for Mother’s Day! 😀

beaded ruby throated hummingbird flight brooch pin nature audubon society art beadwork bead embroidery
Beaded Ruby-Throated Hummingbird brooch. 1.5″ tall x 2″ wide (4 cm x 5cm). Bead embroidery on felt. Click for more pics!
I really like how this pin turned out, and I have already started working on the felt/wire foundation for a Rufous Hummingbird, as well. In fact, I currently have a few small projects going all at once! I better get back to beading! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 😀

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  1. >Thanks everyone for the comments! Unfortunately, my small apartment has no place for bird feeders of any kind. I don’t think the condo association would approve!

  2. >Oh, Diana…smiling big time. I LOVE it! It turned out BEAUTIFUL! Great idea to add wire for the beak and claws. And, you are making a Rufous too??? Oh, MAN…you are going to get me in trouble! I absolutely *ADORE* each and every pin you make!!! Bead on girl!!!Have a great weekend…~Lisa ;-)P.S. Did you think about getting one of those window feeders? I think you would love it! The birds will find it and you could enjoy seeing some birds right up close while you stitch! ~wink~

  3. >i have a wedding dress that needs beading done. or at least close up any of them so it doesnt fall apart. im having ahard time finding someone. this is great!

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