>Persistently Beading


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Semi- beaded White House painting. 17″ x 6″. Bead embroidery on felt. Work in progress.

I worked on my beaded White House all last night, and one thing I learned was that this project will certainly require persistance! 😮

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18 thoughts on “>Persistently Beading

  1. >OH MY GOD!!!. . .~W O W ~ W O W ~W O W! This is OUTRAGEOUS, Diana!!! I am just in AWE right now!!! Let me catch my breath for a minute.OMG…this is going to be AMAZING!!! Do you think you might get a ticket inside??!? Wouldn’t that be something…seriously…maybe you you’ll get to meet President Obama!!!Oh, Diana…I am just stunned!!! You are *SO* *SO* talented and this piece will be INCREDIBLE!!!Oh, sorry…persistence and perseverance will see you through!!!xo ~Lisa 😉

  2. >Are you going to add the new swing set that was added for the Obama girls? Not trying to add to your work.www.jodihorgan.etsy.com

  3. >Thanks! And, Jay, that’s probably true. I’m sure that they will check me out at some point. In a different but similar story, I heard Brian Williams mention that they checked out a blogger who writes about what tie he wears every night. LOL.

  4. >That looks beautiful. If Bush were still in office you would probably be put on a watch list of some kind for this. haha 😉

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