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This year, I have been looking for new ways to market my work, as well as spread the word about beading in general. Everyone knows that Twitter is the perfect place for that, in more ways than one! A while back, I started following a Massachusetts librarian on Twitter. I asked her how I could get the Bead International 2008 book (that my beaded fire truck was published in) at my public library. I sent her the link to the Ohio University Press. She replied by saying that she would buy it for the Kingston Public Library where she works! Then, she said that I could just ask my library to buy it, too!

So, I sent a friendly email to the Thomas Crane Public Library, and mentioned the book. I got a response from someone who recognized my beadwork from the Quincy ArtsFest! She forwarded my message to the right person, and now there are not 1, but 2 copies of the book in the Old Colony Library Network! Check it out:

Thomas Crane Public Library Old Colony System Quincy MA Bead International book(click to view page)
So, if you live on the South Shore, and you are interested in checking out the book, you can request the library to hold it for you (online). They will deliver it to your library when it becomes available! Since I live walking distance to my library, I put books, CDs, and DVDs on hold all the time. It is a wonderful community service, as well as a great way to save money!

I really appreciate the fact that they took the time to order this book – there is always a need for more beading books in the world! Now, if I could just get the Boston Public Library to order a copy next… 😉

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  1. >I joined Facebook to network are you telling me I have to do Twitter too. Oh golly will I never get to work? Thanks for the heads up and congratulations on the information you found!

  2. >Don't you love twitter? I found the B&B I'm taking my husband to through someone on twitter.How cool is it that you got the book picked up by you library? That is great!

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