>Felt White House


I just finished putting together the felt foundation for my beaded White House! It’s not all stitched together yet, but at least most of the architectural elements are there:

beaded felt White House Obama Washington DC whitehouse.gov bead embroidery relief pop artFelt foundation for beaded White House. 17″ x 6″. Fiber art in progress.

Many people use Lacy’s Stiff Stuff for beading, but I use plain old felt. I have tried Lacy’s before, and while I don’t mind it, but I only use it for small projects. I don’t like it for my large relief paintings because it is very expensive, my needle does not pass through it as easily as it does felt, and it isn’t very easy to manipulate. As you can see by the photo above, felt just seems to take its own shape naturally. Now all I have to do is add seed beads! 😀

18 thoughts on “>Felt White House

  1. >That goodness your pictures enlarge…what eye-candy!!! ~wink~ WOW, it’s going to be your finest yet, I just know it!I’ve never tried Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, I’m more of a Pellon, Ultrasuede, or felt girl myself. Love your in progress shots! 😉

  2. >That is UNBELIEVABLE! And I love your Robin in your shop as well. Thank you for introducing yourself and your blog on my thread in the forums. It’s so nice to meet you.warm wishes,6 o’clock

  3. >Thanks everyone! And, Boneman, you always make me laugh! I actually toured the White House when I was in 5th grade, but I can’t remember if I felt it or not. LOL. And, I was there last fall- all I felt that time were the gates out front. LOL.

  4. >This is really interesting – I am intrigued at how you build up these felt foundations. I use cotton backed with wool felt but never have tried anything with any dimension. I am excited to see the progress of this.

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