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Every weekend this year, I have been trying to make new items for my Etsy shop. This weekend, I listed 4 new items! I feel very accomplished! I am trying to branch out just a bit, and create a wider variety of items for the shop in all different price ranges. This can be difficult since most of my beadwork is complicated and time-consuming, but I am working on that…


Artbeads.com Toho seed beads adjustable sieve ring bead embroidery Wildfire beadweaving thread
Yesterday, I decided to try making a ring. I had a few adjustable sieve ring blanks that I had been wanting to use. I got these silver plated sieve rings at the Bead Shop in London last year. I am always looking for something new to stitch something to, and these were perfect!

Then, I got out the following supplies:
15/0 Emerald Lined Jonquil seed beads,
15/0 Brown Lined Light Green seed beads,
Green Wildfire Beadweaving Thread (from Artbeads.com!),
Tiny glass accent beads,
Green felt, and my trusty 3″ beading needle.


Artbeads.com Toho seed beads adjustable sieve ring bead embroidery Wildfire beadweaving thread
I had been wanting to try the Wildfire for awhile. The package says it’s thermally bonded, will not fray, and cannot be pierced with a needle. After trying to cut a piece off of the spool, I could see that this was true. My regular scissors (the ones I cut everything in the house with) would not cut the thread. I was impressed! And, it really doesn’t fray! It is also very easy to pull through the material! This could prove to be great thread for some of my more strenuous beading projects! The only drawback is that it is a bit on the pricey side… After a few hours, I had created a new ring for my Etsy shop. It is called ‘Tiny Beaded Ladybug Garden‘. I really like how it turned out! 

tiny beaded ladybug garden adjustable ring beadwork bead embroidery artist insectTiny Beaded Ladybug Garden Ring. Approx. 12mm x 10mm.  

I also created a ‘Tiny Beaded Flower Garden‘ Ring! 🙂
(Please click the pics for more photos.)

tiny beaded flower garden adjustable ring bead embroidery artist purple green
Tiny Beaded Flower Garden Ring. Approx. 12mm x 10mm.


I think I have just come up with a regular design for beaded rings for my shop. The only problem is, the adjustable ring blanks that I used are hard to find. So far, the only suppliers of this type of ring that I have found have been in the UK. I don’t mind ordering supplies from overseas, but the shipping price is sometimes high. If you know where I might be able to find this kind of sieve ring finding (or something similar) in the USA, please let me know! If there is any interest, I would love to make more of this style ring in the future. Thanks for your help! 😀 

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  1. >These are great! I love them both, but my favorite is the flower garden ring! It seems like I may have seen these somewhere, but I’m not sure where. If I see or come across them, I’ll definitely let you know. That is interesting about the Wildfire thread. Big advantage that it doesn’t fray and can’t be pierced. Hmmmm, that is cool to know. Thanks for sharing about it. It sounds like a great thread to have on hand! 😉

  2. >The link you sent to the close up picture of the bike is stunning. I’m sure you will win hands down in the competiotion. As before. If you do decide to sell it please let me know.

  3. >Thanks for the comments! And, I have looked for those rings in quite a few popular U.S. suppliers, and have not found them yet. Looks like I will have to get them from overseas.

  4. >What a wonderful and clever idea for a ring! They’re so “spring-y”. I really love all of the different bead embroideries you’ve been creating.

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