>Beading Up & Down


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Beaded White-Breasted Nuthatch brooch.
1.25″ tall x 2.5″ wide (3.5 cm x 6.5cm)

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I am keeping busy beading this weekend, so just a quick post today. Just wanted to show you the latest item in my Etsy shop – a beaded White-Breasted Nuthatch pin! This is another one of my favourite woods birds. I love them because they are always climbing up and down trees in an upside-down fashion. They are very entertaining to watch! If you have never seen a Nuthatch before, check out this video I found on Flickr:

To see more photos of my beaded birds & animals, please visit The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop. What are some of your favourite birds to watch, and which one should I bead next?? 😀

13 thoughts on “>Beading Up & Down

  1. >Oh, it is so cute!!! I just love your beaded animal and bird pins!Favorite birds to watch…all of them! ~wink~ Hummingbirds (Anna and Rufous), Red-Shafted Flickers, Scrub and Steller’s Jays, American Crows, Oregon Junco’s, Gray Bushtits, Rufous-Sided Towhee’s, Sparrows, Tanagers, Finches…did I mention I like all of them?! ~wink~ Well, if nobody else was going to tell you some of their favorites, I thought I would! Which one next…any one of them would be a hit!!! Have a good weekend! Keep pursuing art, life and dreams, Diana!!!XO ~Lisa 😉

  2. >well, you got the thumbs up from Steve Jones, and he’s as avid a bird watcher as anybody I know.Looks good to me, but then, I’m realizing that your ‘Back to the Future’ car has really prejudiced me.Well, that and the bus!

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