>Yellow = Happy


Every time I finish a big beading project, I take a little time to myself to decide on what I want to bead next. I think I know what my next bead painting will be, but I need to work on some sketches. So, in the meantime, I plan to make a few items for The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop.

beaded American Goldfinch pin wearable art audubon society beading bead embroidery blog
For those of you who haven’t noticed, the 3 birds that were listed in my Etsy shop quickly flew the coop, so I decided to make another one! Since I still had some yellow seed beads out on my work table, I created a beaded American Goldfinch! I love Goldfinches. They remind me of a time when I actually had a yard with a tree where I hung a bird feeder. Goldfinches came to visit a lot, and their bright yellow colour always made me happy! 🙂

beaded American Goldfinch pin wearable art audubon society beading bead embroidery blog
Beaded American Goldfinch brooch.
1.5″ tall x 2.5″ wide (4 cm x 6.5cm).

Click for more pics!

Which colour makes you happy?? 😀

19 thoughts on “>Yellow = Happy

  1. >Well I’ll tell you that the goldfinches make me happy because they sit outside my window and try to peck their way through the screen (?) but adorable nontheless.

  2. >I love blues and reds and purples. Oh and green and orange. Yellow would be my least fav color, but that is sort of silly as all colors are really delicious. I just don’t look good in yellows, so they seem overwhelming to me. Weird, but there you are. I love the birds. But I love wild life!

  3. >You just stay on track and keep beading… birds, dogs, Buell X1 Lightnings (H*O*T)… large or small, all carefully done in every single possible detail… I’m sooooooooooo smitten!Robin A.

  4. >Great birdie! I am a bright color junkie — love ’em all — but right now I am grooving on orange. And green. (I’m crocheting a scarf in those colors; feel free to take a peak at my blog if you’re interested.)

  5. >I love this pin…it is darling and I adore the use of the natural branch! Yellow is the happy colour like *sunshine*!Have you seen those window bird feeders? Maybe you should pick one up and see if you can’t attract some birds up close! They have small hummingbird ones and regular bird seed ones too. I think they run about $20 or so. I bet you’d enjoy it! ;-)I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for your next *big* beading project!!! Have a great weekend…~Lisa 😉

  6. >Well timed, I’de say!Though we have finches here all year long, they fade to a sparrow-like color over Winter.This morning were two beautiful Purple finches at the seed.

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