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Bead Particular Beading Blog March Featured Boston Bead Artist Lone Beader(click to view page)

Since I started selling some of my bead paintings on Etsy.com, I have come into contact with some really wonderful people! One of them is Lydia from Layne James Designs. She features a different Etsy seller on her Being Particular blog every month – this month it is me! I am honoured! Please stop by and take a peek to learn a little more about The Lone Beader. Thank you for your interest in my beadwork!! *blush* 😀

6 thoughts on “>March Featured Bead Artist

  1. >Congrats on the interview.I just finished reading it.Awesome as always!I tried working with seed beads back in the day. I am always amazed at what you come up with and how well done it is.Bravo!

  2. >So?Where’s the bandwhere’s the cotton candy ?…the crowds in the streets?….oh. Not a March in a parade? oh…I see.Well, you beaders deserve a parade, I think.

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