>To Bead 3D or Not 3D


fiber beading blog bead embroidery beaded Boston fire hydrant pop artSemi-beaded Boston fire hydrant. 4″ x 2″w.

Yesterday, I was pretty busy. I listed yet another beaded beer pendant in my Etsy shop. Then, I continued to work on my beaded Boston fire hydrant. The other day, Judy asked me if I was going to try beading full 3D on the fire hydrant, and the answer is I just don’t know. I would like to, but I realized that I don’t really think in terms of 3-dimensional (i.e. sculpural peyote stitch or right angle weave). I tried starting this a few different ways, but ended up just doing what comes natural to me – more bead embroidery! 😮

So far, I’m using some gray cubes that I picked up at the Bead Shop in London, as well as some yellow size 11 seed beads. So far, I like how it’s taking shape. Maybe I will try beading a reverse side as well, and then artfully put them together somehow. I wonder how that would look….

fiber beading blog bead embroidery beaded Boston fire hydrant pop art

I guess I will just have to try it and see! 😮

12 thoughts on “>To Bead 3D or Not 3D

  1. >Your beadwork never ceases to amaze me. The hydrant looks great…I love the colors and it will be a nice complement to that unbelievable motorcycle!

  2. >Love those cube beads! I don’t “do” peyote or right angle weave, either, so I understand your 3D predictament. I’m sure you’re going to figure out something that works for you.

  3. >You do realize your conversation (rhetorical or to self) is the same as Picasso and Braque just prior to them ‘creating’ cubism.I actually know the question well, and have acted upon it with enthusiasm….I’ve one small statue I keep, I call it, non-represtational perspectivewhich I’ll post at http://firstfarmandweatherreport.blogspot.com/ (and, since I didn’t check the edress, first, here’s hoping it’s at the right place, eh?)

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