>Beadwork Extra Stout


Those who know me well knew this was coming…

Guinness Extra Stout tiny beaded beer pendant etsy bead embroidery wearable fine art
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It’s a tiny beaded Guinness-shaped beer pendant! Tiny pendants can be worn on a leather cord, beaded necklace, or silver chain. They can also be used as zipper pulls, key chain or cell phone charms. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 I am not Irish (I’m Polish), but I can still drink with the best of them, and Guinness is one of my favourite beers! What is your favourite beer?? 😀

12 thoughts on “>Beadwork Extra Stout

  1. >Your bead work is amazing . . . as for my favorite beer . . . whatever my son makes and is willing to share ;-). In between the home brews my tastes are eclectic. I had a Sam Adams Cranberry a couple days ago that I really enjoyed.

  2. >How cool is that!!! Good thinking to bead a beer pendant! You must have been having a brew when you thought of it! ;-)Favorite beers…Full Sail Pale Ale, McTarnahan’s, and, of course, I’m still a Budweiser girl too!I forgot that you are a beer girl! Good reason that you should come out to Oregon one day and visit Portland. Portland leads the nation in breweries and brewpubs than any city in the US! 😉

  3. >Oh lordy!Hang on to that for a moment….there’ll be a fellow over (probably with an empty galss of (you guessed it) Guiness!So, you saw te Chihuahua, Lulu.Truthfully, wasn’t that the cutest thing you ever saw?And the ‘horror movie’?HA!

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