I just finished up some of the last details on my beaded motorcycle. I added a sideview mirror and another beaded electrical wire. The mirror is made completely from glass beads and thread. It stands up straight all on its own! Then, I stitched some black felt around the edges of the beadwork…
beading blog beaded Buell X-1 lightning motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroideryBeaded Buell X1 Lightning motorcycle.
10″wide x 6″. Beadwork in progress. Click to enlarge. 

Next, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to finish this piece. It seems that each piece I create sort of takes its own shape, and I just have to complete it. I guess my motorcycle is no different – it clearly wants to stand up like a real bike!

beading blog beaded Buell fiber motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroidery
To test this, I propped it up against a piece of hard wire, and it seems to balance fine! It has been standing like this for a couple of hours now, and hasn’t fallen over! So, I think I will go with that plan, and design a ‘kickstand’ for it. I think it will look cool! 😀 


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  1. >Wow! this is amazing! It’s been so much fun to come together! I’m loving it!I left it on the computer and my husband saw it – he thought it was fantastic!Cheers, Denise

  2. >WWOOOWWWW! This is a great piece! I love it! I have a thing for motorcycles…guess it has to do with the fact that my mother rode on the back of my father’s Harley from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas when she was 6 months pregnant with me. And chicks that drive motorcycles ROCK! It’s a great piece and (again) I love it!

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