>Beaded Motorcycle Details


beaded bead embroidery earrings sun flower starburst nuts washers close-up beading blog=Bead embroidery on felt.

Yesterday, I finished working on the center section, or engine part of my beaded motorcycle. I used a mixture of twisted bugle beads, gray and black seed beads, tiny blue charlottes, and more 3-hole metal spacers.

beaded bead embroidery earrings sun flower starburst nuts washers motorcycle wheels=Semi-beaded Buell X-1 Lightning.
10″wide x 6″. Beadwork in progress. Click to enlarge.

And I might say ‘finished’, but I’m not really finished. I still have to add some some beaded details to the front wheel, some electrical wires, a tail light, a rear-view mirror, tire treads, and a set of pipes! 😮

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  1. >This is incredible! I’m not a huge motorcycle fan – bad crash when I was younger…but I love this one.The close up is amazing – the different beads and stitches.

  2. >Thanks for the comments everyone! :DAnd, Mo, I am hoping to enter this piece into a competition this spring before I offer it for sale. I will keep you posted on that later this year! But first I must complete it! Thanks for your interest! 😀 😀

  3. >Just amazing. I'm enjoying watching your progress & process. Just for the moment (the blog's moment), it looks like your Robin want's to hop on over and set a spell!!

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