>Nuts to Photography

One thing I am finding I don’t like about making small items for my Etsy shop is that I have to take photos of them. By now, I’m sure you have noticed that I am not the best photographer, for the following reasons: 1) I need a better camera. I love my Sony Cybershot, but 8.1 megapixels doesn’t cut it anymore. I also need something with a wide angle lens and a tripod for my larger bead paintings. 2) I need a light box. I have really been slacking on that, mostly because I haven’t have time to make one, nor do I really have the space for one, unless it is collapsible. 3) I really need to hire a photographer to take pics for me, because it takes way too long to do myself! 😮

beaded bead embroidery earrings sun flower starburst nuts washers motorcycle wheels=(click the pic to view more earrings)
Be that as it may, I do my best. Above is a quick photo of 3 pairs of bead-embroidered earrings I made last night. These earrings are made with washers, tiny hex nuts, and seed beads. The pair on the far left are inspired by my beaded motorcycle wheels, and the other two pair are spin-offs of that. These are all sterling silver stud earrings. I hope to have these listed in my Etsy shop later today, but first I need to take better pics… 😮

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  1. >Thanks everyone! I have gotten better at photography over the last few years, but I could still use a lot of improvement. Someday, when I am rich and famous, I will hire someone to take pics of my paintings for me. 😉

  2. >Beadwork is one of the hardest things to take good photos of! You may find some sort of compromise, like taking the etsy photos yourself, but paying someone to photograph the paintings (for show submissions and such). Let us know what you decide!

  3. >I’m not good at photographing and I have a great camera and the light box and tripod, but I hate getting them out, so carry my camera around and snap shots off. Hey, it is who I am. I think those earrings are very biker chic! I hope that is okay to say!

  4. >I hate photographing too. I put it off until I get a back log. Your work is gorgeous and really cool that it’s motorcycle wheels! Claire from Heartspace

  5. >Light tents at Harbor Freight$29 for 32 inch collapsiblehttp://search.harborfreight.com/cpisearch/web/search.do?keyword=light+tent&Submit=GoI got the 28 inch one in the store. I use that and 2 halogen lights from the side, velvet as a backdrop. You can pin the velvet to the top of the light tent. I need to learn how to use my camera, but the light tent setup works great!

  6. >There ya go, light tent and lamps. 8.1 is not all that bad and much can be done w/that. Like I said it’s all suggestions, practice and technique. You’ll get there just as you have in your beading.Aunt Nancy

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