>Bring on the Spring!


Okay. I have had enough snow and ice and freezing cold weather. I am ready for spring! The only problem is, spring is not scheduled to spring for awhile… or is it…? Today is Groundhog Day, the day that Punxsutawney Phil will project whether spring will arrive early or not. (I predict not.) However, every year around this time, I do start to notice signs of spring, and the first one is always an American Robin. So, this year, I created a beaded robin in honour of that early bird.

Here’s a sneak peek:

beaded American red robin Audubon bird painting bead embroidery Boston artist

Look for more pics of the finished painting in my Etsy shop!

22 thoughts on “>Bring on the Spring!

  1. >Your grandmother used to say that when she heard the first songs of the robin spring was here! Very appropriate bird to feature now! The other bird signaling the signs of spring into summer is the cardinal. Your grandmother and I would think we could whistle like the “red” birds and call them to us. It was a great game we played. Thank you for bringing back such memories in your beading.Aunt Nancy

  2. >Hello Fair Artist Beader,You are not alone. We have a beader also. We have been watching you. We are artist also. At least that’s what they call us. You may even know us. We’d like to invite you to a member of our very Private Club. We’re very selective and only an elite few are welcome on our hallowed grounds. We pick you. We even have a little ‘chit chat’ room just for the likes of you. It’s rightfully called Dante’s Pub. But when your enter BEWARE! You are entering the abyss of the artist mind! You may not find your way out.You’re welcome to watch from afar while drinking your brew or pull up a chair and join us for a little chat. Be sure and register and then log in. After all, this is a very private club. We don’t allow just any wanderer in our midst. Don’t dilly dally now! It wont cost you a pence. Check out The Artist Challenge and Dante’s Pub- that is if your daring and think yourself worthy to be amongst the souls we’ve claimed? Farewell…until we hear from you, Master Mike and the Pub Wench Artist Challenge- http://www.theartistchallenge.com/Dante‘s Pub – http://www.theartistchallenge.com/art-forum/

  3. >I love it, Diana!! Yep – it’s supposed to be winter here for another 6 weeks, but we’ve been enjoying pretty mild weather here on the Front Range of Colorado. High of 58 today, 66 tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we’re going to pay for it soon…. I won’t complain though. 🙂

  4. >Thanks for the comments everyone! Cool that you saw a robin yesterday, Mo! See- spring is on it's way! And, Lidia, thanks for letting me know. I didn't know that because I don't subscribe to any Bead & Button stuff anymore. LOL!

  5. >Pretty! The sun shone today and it felt like spring could be just around the corner. It’s rather uplifting to see that the days are growing longer too!

  6. >I hear you! I’m feeling ready for spring too. You are correct and we won’t talk about Punxsutawney Phil this morning! ;-)Love the American Robin and the branch she is on…SWEET! ;-)Catching up below!

  7. >While I like the cooler weather in the wintertime, and would love for some actual snow, rather than 4 inches of ice, I always look forward to spring and summer too. It’s nice not having to wear the heavy coat and not having to scrape the frost off the windshield of my car. And it’s nice when the girls start wearing the short skirts again. LOL 😉

  8. >Promises of something wonderful! 😀 (I saw the first barn swallow of the year yesterday…can the hummingbirds be far behind? hehe Hope springs eternal.)

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