>Peyote-stitched Fork Tube


The fact that I haven’t tackled the issue of putting my beaded motorcycle together has been bothering me. So, the other day, I began working on the fork tube which will eventually link the motorcycle’s front wheel to the front of the beaded frame.


beaded Buell motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroidery peyote beading blog
The tube consists of two pieces of hardware (tension pins) that I beaded using the tubular peyote-stitch technique. Nothing is holding the two pins together except for the sleeve of beads which I have created. When completed, the fork tube measures about 3″ long by 3/8″. Originally, I wasn’t planning on beading this part, but I decided it needed to match the beaded wheels, so there it is! 😀 

beaded Buell motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroidery peyote beading blog
I’m still not exactly sure how I will make it all work, but at least it’s starting to look like a bike! 

beaded Buell motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroidery pop art beading blog
Semi-beaded Buell motorcycle. Bead embroidery on felt.
10″wide x 6″. Beadwork in progress. Click to enlarge.

14 thoughts on “>Peyote-stitched Fork Tube

  1. >Just AWESOME…the forks looks great beaded! I need to share how far you’ve gotten with Mark again…he thinks it’s so cool too! ;-)Hope you are having a good week!Bead on!!! ~Lisa

  2. >Looking good. We saw this brilliant French artist yesterday who makes/covers furniture out of rope. It’s quite magical and extremely elegant. I was wondering when I saw the fork at first if you were thinking of actually doing the same thing with cutlery. Then I realised it was for your Bueli.

  3. >Very cool!!! I haven’t commented lately so I apologize for that. This bike is looking awesome!! Definitely beaded forks! The fenders look cool too! And the middle part, where the engine goes – I can see gleaming chrome!Cheers, Denise

  4. >that looks so cool!!! I love bikes! wanted one since i was tiny 🙂 got a helmet and a licence instead 😉 but no bike, can’t wait to see this one finished so I can drool and dream 🙂 am taking your poll now 🙂

  5. >I’m glad you beaded the fork – it definitely needed beads. The whole thing is going to be some kind of wonderful. Now, if you could only make your living doing this….

  6. >You are my Beading-Hero! This is fan-freaking-tastic! this is so awesome there are no words. You take beading to a whole other level. You have my respect and admiration. Wow!

  7. >I had no idea what a fork tube was before this post. I hope that question comes up on Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit sometime. The bike is looking great!

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