>Pink Punk Rock Poodle


Beaded pink standard poodle Paris Hilton Sharon Osbourne Hollywood pop art bead embroidery Valentine's Day
Beaded Miniature Poodle brooch. 1.5″ wide x 2″ tall (4cm x 5cm).
Available at The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop. Click for more pics.  

Last night I took a break from working on my beaded motorcycle and made this hot pink poodle! Some of you may be offended by pink poodles, but I made this special for Valentine’s Day! I am really not a fan of unnatural hair-colouring on any type of dog, but there is a part of me that secretly likes the novelty of it. Pink poodles are so Hollywood, but I prefer to think of them as punk! (I was listening to The Ramones when I made this! LOL)

I made the poodle using only Japanese size 15 seed beads in 4 different shades of pink! The stitching technique is what creates the effect of curly dog hair. I also used a metal eye pin to stiffen the dog’s tail – it works well! This pink poodle is available for sale in my Etsy shop. It can also be made in black, white, or gray upon request! 🙂

What kind of dog should I make next? 😀

24 thoughts on “>Pink Punk Rock Poodle

  1. >Thanks for the comments!! I don’t know if the stitch I used has a name or not- I will have to look that one up! And, Jay, you are funny! I just looked up pinkpoodle.com. It’s an adult theatre in San Jose, CA. Hahaha. 😀

  2. >There is a flashy figure here in Ottawa who dyes her dog’s fur. She uses a natural vegetable die so it doesn’t harm the dog. It’s usually purple.Cool dog!! Is that the boucle stitch? Cheers, Denise

  3. >How about a Border Terrier? I like the pink poodle. It isn’t as if a pin is real either! It is a pin, not a dog, so I’m fine with a beaded pink poodle.

  4. >That is one seriously PINK poodle!Hey, I went to a strip club in Reno Nevada once named the Pink Poodle. Or was it the Pink Pussycat? Nope, it was the Pink Poodle. LOL 😉

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