>Beads, Fiber, and Politics

>Over the weekend, I made some beaded earrings for my Etsy shop, but I also had an interesting opportunity! I was asked to present my beadwork in person to a new gallery. It is called Bead + Fiber, and is located at 460 Harrison Ave. in Boston. Bead + Fiber just opened late last fall. This gallery is nestled in between a number of other fine art galleries in the South End. They are billing themselves as ‘a new concept in a fine art gallery’. They exhibit fine art beadwork, but they also sell beautiful beaded jewelry, beading supplies, and they also teach beading and felting classes!

I read the news about Bead + Fiber in an Art New England magazine a couple of months ago. I entered a show that they were planning to exhibit, but the show ended up getting postponed. I contacted the gallery in regards to this, and they responded by asking me to come by! So, on Saturday (armed with all the bead paintings I could carry), I stopped in for my first visit! 😀

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I had a wonderful experience! I talked with the owner for quite awhile. She was happy that I visited, and said she was excited about my beadwork. She also said that she is going to figure out her exhibit schedule for the year, and get back to me about a possible showing. Sounds like there could be a car-themed bead art exhibit sometime in the future – we will see! 😮

Regardless, I do know that I will be going back to Bead + Fiber very soon, because there is an exhibit that I would like to see myself. Scott Schuldt: The Politics of Beads. This exhibit will be on display through February 21.

bead artist Scott Schuldt: Politics of Beads Bead + Fiber gallery harrison ave. Boston, MA

I had recently noticed Schuldt’s work in Fiber Arts Magazine and was immediately drawn to his political beading style. To learn more about Scott Schuldt, take a peek at this Press Release or visit his website.

(click to enlarge)

bead artist Scott Schuldt: Politics of Beads Bead + Fiber gallery harrison ave. Boston, MA
So, the next time you’re in Boston, you know where to find me.
Hope to see you there! 😀

10 thoughts on “>Beads, Fiber, and Politics

  1. >Hi , Thank you for bringing in your work to Bead + Fiber, I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to really look as I was in the middle of my Felting Frenzied Slipper Class, but what I saw I loved. Come back, I set up Scott Schuldts Show Monday and I hung my Politcal felted Piece in the window “Happiness is a Warm Gun” You can check out the images at http://www.bfelt.com Barbara Poole

  2. >Thanks for your comment, Nina! I can understand how you feel, however, I don't think that mixing politics & art means an artist is necessarily interested in changing something politically. Instead, I believe artists are simply expressing their feelings about certain political events through art. If no one ever mixed politics and arts, we would not view these issues through anyone else's eyes but the media's… And, we know all know that the media only shows us what 'they' want us to see. And, same goes for history books in school – they only teach us what 'they' want us to learn. Just my opinion! 😀

  3. >Great news about this new gallery and possible future exhibitions in which you can participate. As to the politics of beads: I am not a big fan of mixing arts and politics! But that’s just me. If someone is really interested in changing something politically, then there are better ways than through arts, I think. However, I can understand such attempts. Maybe it’s just because I don’t like to be confronted with horrible pictures when I am looking for art. I am already weary of it when I see it in the news. I am more interested in nature-related art and stuff. 🙂

  4. >Thanks for the comments, everyone! And, JafaBrit, I guess you have to start out somewhere. The good thing is, this particular shop is right next door to quite a few formal galleries… baby steps! 😀

  5. >I remember seeing that scene on television in england and it haunted me for years. I really like how the bead artist has presented it.congrats on the bead gallery, but man I would really like to see your work in a formal gallery also. Your work is stunning.

  6. >Great opportunities for you, LB. That is what comes of hanging in there for a bit. I knew it would happen in time. Glad to see you getting a showing and someone appreciating your work!!!!!!

  7. >Hey hi, can I ask you something? Where did you get that awesome widget that shows your Etdy shop? I’ve been looking around forever for it! Any help is appreciated :)Thanks! 11tyone

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