>Custom Sterling Silver Rims


The reason it took me awhile to start working on my beaded motorcycle project was because I had ordered custom parts for it, and I had to wait to get them! So, yesterday, I took a ride to Beaucoup Beads in Scituate Harbor to pick up some rims!
Check them out:

beaded Buell X1 Lightning Harley bead embroidery beadwork pop art fabric art silver rims wheels
Felt foundation for a beaded motorcycle. 10″wide x 6″.

These hammered sterling silver rings were created by Erin, a metalsmith who works at the bead shop. I had noticed that she had made some of these rings in various sizes for the shop, but I needed a larger size. So, I asked her to create 3 custom-sized rings for this piece – the 3 largest ones! I think she did a great job! The largest in the set measures about 2.25″ in diameter, and the smallest is 0.5″. I will admit that I was a bit worried when I picked them up… but, now that I see them, I think I can make them work! 😀

The other metal parts you see in this photo would actually be a shock absorber on a real bike (I think!). I didn’t know what I was planning to use for that, but it had to be cylindrical. So I went to the hardware store and found 2 tension pins! I have no idea what these are actually intended for, but they are the perfect size for this part! Now, I must figure out how to attach them to beadwork & felt… And, how will I suspend the wheel components so that they look like they are inside the tire? Wish me luck! 😮

16 thoughts on “>Custom Sterling Silver Rims

  1. >Your beadwork is really great. Love the dogs and cats and peacock. I am inspired to try some of the things I have been thinking about. Great website.

  2. >Thanks for the comments! No, I don’t ride a bike, but I like to look at pics of them. This is actually inspired by my friend’s Buell, but it will in no way be a replica. LOL

  3. >Those rings work! I really like Beaucoup Beads. Just wish they were closer. It takes a long time to get to Situate from here even though Rt 123 is very close.Your project is coming right along.Bev

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