>Felt 2-Wheeler


Okay, I am really going to try to stick with my plan and work on my pop art pieces during the week, and my Etsy items on the weekend. Here’s what I started working on this week- the felt beginnings of a beaded motorcycle:

beaded Buell X1 Lightning Harley bead embroidery beadwork pop art fabric art 2 WheelerFelt foundation for a beaded motorcycle. 10″wide x 6″.
Do you know what kind of bike this is?

Why a motorcycle? One of my good friends kept asking me when I would make one, so I thought I should give it a try. Also, my father has 3 Hondas, and rides them all over the country, so I figured I would end up making a beaded bike at some point in my life! I will admit- I am not a biker myself, but I do have a need for speed, so I can really appreciate these 2-wheeled beauties. What I really love about motorcycles is that some real craftsmanship goes into making them! We’ll see if my beaded one can mimic those kinds of skills… Of course what good are skills if you don’t have custom parts?? What kinds of parts do you think I’ll need for this piece?? 😮

9 thoughts on “>Felt 2-Wheeler

  1. >Just saw your Airedale Terrier and it is sooooooooooo darling! You do have a special affinity for them. The motorcycle looks neat at this point. I like Japanese made vehicles!

  2. >Awesome! I’ll have to share this with DH…he’ll think it’s very cool!!! Have watched OCC many times and you are so right about real craftsmanship! Parts…chrome! I don’t think they make chrome beads…may have to settle for silver plated ones which will look fantastic. Will be fun to watch this piece progress and come to life.Tawny is darling and tiny!!! ~Lisa 😉

  3. >vroom, vroom, vroom! I haven’t been on a motorcycle in years. I’m pretty sure I would kill myself in about 4 seconds if I tried to ride one now. 😉

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