>Dolly the Beaded Dalmatian


I don’t know about you, but I was busy this weekend! I finished one piece for my Etsy shop then I started working on another! The piece I completed is a beaded Dalmatian named Dolly. She is inspired by the dog that accompanies my beaded Chevy fire truck, Engine Co. 6. You can see her as a work in progress below:

beaded Dalmatian dog wearable fine art pin bead embroidery beadwork

This piece is very small – only 2″ wide x 1-1/4″ tall. I used all size 15 Japanese seed beads in 5 or 6 different shades of black & white. (Please note the bent 3″ beading needle I’m using. How long do you think that will last??) Also, take a look at Dolly’s nose. It is a tiny glass eye made for taxidermy! (That was Mary‘s idea! 🙂 So far I really like them. They will work, but they are not like a bead. They are a dot of glass on the end of a wire. So, I have to push the wire through the felt, and stitch it to my piece securely. I also added a tiny piece of stiff wire to support Dolly’s tail. It works pretty well!

beaded Dalmatian dog wearable fine art pin bead embroidery beadwork

And here is the finished Dolly – she’s kind of like a tiny mosaic with a floppy ear! 😀

beaded Dalmatian dog wearable fine art pin bead embroidery beadwork
Beaded Dolly the Dalmatian brooch. 2″wide x 1- 1/4 tall” (6.5cm x 4cm).
Available at The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop! Click for more pics!

I am almost finished with another wearable piece, but I think next on my list is another vehicle! How do I manage my time, you ask? Good question. The plan is to spend less time on Blogger, work on my larger pieces during the week, and small pieces for my Etsy shop over the weekends, with the exception of any custom orders that may come up. Wish me luck! 😮

How do you manage your time??

15 thoughts on “>Dolly the Beaded Dalmatian

  1. >Happy New Year to you, too, Lone Beader! Love the dog and the taxidermy eye – bezel set one myself – what fun to use things for things that they weren’t intended for! (huh?)

  2. >You are on a roll! Dolly is so cute and so are Milo and Faz! The pins are just great…love them all. Dolly’s nose looks good and I’m glad you found another idea that can work. Looking forward to seeing another vehicle…I know it will be outstanding. ~Lisa

  3. >I love Dolly. This might be my favorite….thanks for sharing your process…how do I manage my time?? Well, I drink and freak out about time…hahaha just kidding ..about the time part…hahaha no I’m actually trying to learn how to do this whole create, promote, live thing. I’m breaking up my week into days I promote an days I create although truth be told I’d like to be creating 24/7…

  4. >Dolly is super. I love how you share your production secrets with us.Because I love to read too, I have to ban the books until after 4pm so I can get some serious beading done after I scan the blogs first thing in the morning.Arline

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