>Beaded Longhaired Cat


Today, I finished working on my latest commission! Milo the beaded cat! He took me a long time to complete, too. About 9 hours! Adding an extra layer of seed beads is what makes my work so time-consuming, but I think it’s worth the extra effort! How do you think he looks? 😀 

beaded Cat kitten feline bead embroidery wearable fine art jewelry brooch pin
Beaded Milo the Cat brooch. Bead embroidery on felt.
2- 1/4″ x 1- 1/4 wide” (5cm x 6cm). Click for more pics.

Also today, I got a couple of packages in the mail. I got some jewelry making supplies that I ordered from Land of Odds. It was my first time ordering from them, and I am very happy! They are one of the few places I have found that carry pin backs w/ bails.


Land of Odds BeDazzled pin back pendants jewelry making supplies
These are a little more expensive than regular pin backs but now, I can make beaded animals that you can wear either as a pin or a pendant! That is just one of my ideas. I also have a whole bag of medium hair barrettes and a whole bag of clip-on earring findings, as well as some sterling silver earring findings. I have a lot of supplies to make items for my Etsy shop! 😀 

Inside the second package was a book from Amazon.comMasters: Beadweaving. This book was curated by Carol Wilcox Wells for Lark Books. I normally don’t buy any beading books or magazines anymore, especially instructional ones, but I had been wanting this one for awhile. It features major works by leading bead artists. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but I flipped through it, and there seems to be something missing! There are no beaded cars in the book! 😮

Beadweaving Masters Lark BooksAh well… maybe next time… 😉 

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  1. >ooo…haven’t seen that book yet. Looks great though. We should get a group of beaders together to submit the idea for a book…unusual bead art or some spin off that. I bet there aren’t too many beaded flowers in their either…although they aren’t really woven. =/ oh well. =0)

  2. >Thank you so much for all the comments! Kokopelli, I have heard about cats doing such courageous things. I have even seen news stories about them going back into a burning house and saving all of their kittens one by one! LoAnd, MIchelle, thanks for stoppin by!! I hope you showed your husband! LOL. I love to work on my beaded cars… And, I try to bead a little something for everyone! 😀

  3. >I love the little cat but then I love all your work. Its funny I found your site in the beginning when I searched Beaded cars one night because my husband said no one ever beads anything men would like. Your cars in fact all your work is simply amazing.

  4. >I love Milo! I have a long-haired tiger cat myself (besides a European short hair) and she is an original (like every cat). Your other beaded cats are great, too.I looked for the name of three-colored cats, as I only know the German “Schildpatt” and it is best translated as “tortoise shell”. And it is said that they bring good luck and can save houses from fire. Very interesting to read such things.

  5. >Haha, Mary you made me laugh! I think Lark is behind the times because there are a lot of pieces in the book that were also published in the 500 beaded objects book, and that was printed ages ago!

  6. >Yeah, I am waiting for two packages to come next week, too. 😀 I always buy too many instructional books on all kind of special topics (currently a lot about special knitting techniques). I am addicted. *sigh* I have just watched the slide show of this beadwork book you mentioned and found out, that I have seen all of this somewhere (I think in 500 beaded objects) or, if I have not, the new things look similar to things I know. That’s why I think, I won’t buy it. Among the strangest stuff is always the one by Natasha St. Michael. I can’t really recognize anything from her stuff (maybe I am a philistine). Let me know, when extremely 3D bead embroidered cars, buses, dogs and time travels are included in a similar book! 😀

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