>Beaded Faz the Cat


beaded Faz the Cat feline bead embroidery wearable fine art jewelry brooch pin
Beaded Faz the Cat brooch. 2″ x 2- 1/4 wide” (5cm x 6cm).
Now available at The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop!
Here’s Faz!! How do you think she looks beaded?? Faz was completed in a freeform bead-embroidery sort of way, and I kinda like it! She has both personality & texture! You will also notice the her eyes are 2 different colours – one is green and one yellow. This is because cats always seem to have one very bright eye when you look at them in the light or when you take a picture of them. So, I thought it might help give it some realism! What do you think?

Anyways, I am planning to add this little pin to my Etsy shop, but I realized that I don’t know what kind of cat Faz is! (Sorry, guess I’m not really a cat person! LOL.) If you know what kind of cat this is, please leave a comment! I will list her in my shop soon. Thanks for your help! 🙂

And, just in case I’m not able to visit your blogs in time, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I have a feeling I will be spending New Year’s Eve beading – I have another custom order to fill! 😀

25 thoughts on “>Beaded Faz the Cat

  1. >See others have already told you your cat is a calico.Hope you have a great time New Years eve. look forward to seeing your work in 2009.

  2. >Hello Christine & Faz! Thank you for the info! I think Calico cats are my favourite kind of cat! And, I am so thrilled that you like my beadwork! Hope you enjoy the pin! *blush* 🙂

  3. >OMG that is amazing. We are definitely going to buy one if we can afford it from your Etsy shop. Please let us know how much they are. I am called a tri-colour tortise shell moggy in the UK by the by (e.g. no pedigree). I think in the US we are called Calico cats but I could be wrong. Big PURRS (I am most honoured). Can I put it on my blog with a link to your shop? FAZ

  4. >Wow! Thanks for all the comments! Now I remember calico cats! How could I have forgotten! But, I have never heard of a tortoise shell cat! Happy to learn something new today! 🙂

  5. >Faz is adorable! He looks like more of a tortoise shell cat than a calico to me. Actually, he bears a startling resemblance to that cat I had growing up.

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