>Beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier


beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier bead embroidery pet portrait fine art pin Etsy
Bead embroidery on felt. 2- 1/8″ wide x 1″ tall (5.5 cm x 3cm)
Available for sale at The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop.
Yesterday, it snowed the entire day! So, I stayed home and did a little beading! I created this Irish Jack Russell Terrier wearable art pin for my Etsy shop! His design is inspired by the beaded dog in my Rudy’s Dream pet portrait. Click the pic to see the listing. 😀 

As I said, I would like to stock some more items in my shop, so my goal is to make a number of small wearables before the end of the year. If there is any interest, I will continue to do so while I work on my larger pop art pieces. I also want to make some miniature bead-paintings, as well. I plan to start with dogs and birds, and see where that takes me… What kinds of dogs, birds, or animals would you like to see beaded? 🙂

25 thoughts on “>Beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier

  1. >The Jack Russell is my favorite. I have been breeding the "Irish" Jack Russell Terrier for years now… I would love to have you make a few of these for me.Beautiful work.Sheilaconnemaraterrier.com

  2. >Wow! This dog is really cute! How about some Greyhounds? Also it would be really cool if you made figurines of beaded dogs that stand up and are 3D! I bet they’d sell like hotcakes!

  3. >Cats! I will admit I am not a cat person, but would be happy to do one commission. I DO have a couple of BIG cats on my list, though! :DAnd, glad to see I am an inspiration, Mary! 😉

  4. >Hmmmm, I’m drawing the best dog that ever lived, Ragskirt Von Timme. Now, I’m thinking I’ll have to do a pin of her! Thanks for the idea of making my best dog, LB. Hope that is okay! Is it?

  5. >Thanks for the comments! Yes, I would accept a commission to create a beaded pet portrait from someone’s photo. I stated that on my Etsy shop. :)And, this ‘Rudy’ is smaller than the original, and even though it seems to go fast, it still takes a long time to do! And, I was thinking of doing a guinea pig, too. Somewhere there is a picture of the one my mom had when she was a kid. The guinea pig was in water bowl, and he was peeking out over the edge. It was so cute!

  6. >Really good idea and that seems to go fast! However, I know you are quick regarding bead embroidery.I would like to see a guinea pig. I would have a name for him … If you bead it, let me know and I’ll mail you my name suggestion! 🙂

  7. >Hi :-)It’s been a long time……How are youI saw you site, wonderfully madeI don’t know how do you manage to work, then the bead work and then blog about it, you really should be a superwomen

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