>Beaded Dog Hair


beaded Etsy order commission bead embroidery pet portrait Einstein sheepdog art pinBead- embroidered Einstein pin.
2.75″ x 2.25″w (6.5 cm x 6cm)

Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on the custom order I was working on- Einstein! It took me about 11 hours to create this sheepdog pin. You can see all my stitches HERE. Einstein is made from 2 layers of beadwork. The first layer is bead embroidery, and the second layer is beaded fringe for hair. Why two layers? Two layers are necessary because if you touch the dog’s hair, it really moves, and you can see the other seed beads beneath the fringe. If there were no first layer, you would be able to see felt! Two layers also make the piece feel quite substantial. After I finished the beadwork, I added a 1.5″ pin back and an Ultrasuede backing signed by Yours Truly. 😉 Now he is ready to ship! 😀
beaded Etsy order commission bead embroidery pet portrait fine art pin
Also, thanks for all your comments on my Time Traveler paintings! For those of you wondering what I will bead next, I decided to take the next week or so to create a few small items for my Etsy shop. I am also planning a new and interesting piece, as well, which I hope to unveil soon… I hope you’ll be following! 😀

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