>Einstein’s Furry Face


Etsy beaded Einstein Sheepdog fine wearable art pin seed bead embroidery BostonBead embroidery on felt. 2.75″ x 2.25″w (6.5 cm x 6cm)
Yesterday, I worked on my beaded sheepdog pin some more. This is a custom order for my Etsy shop, and it is the third Einstein I will have made. So far, I think he is the best looking! I guess when someone commissions me to make something similar they will usually get something better! So far, I have worked on him for almost 7 hours, and the layering on his face took more than 2 hours! His face is the hardest part, though – that is where you notice his personality! And, when I layer beaded fringe on his body, and he will really come to life! 🙂

Back to beading! 😀

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