>Einstein’s Button Nose


Yesterday, I worked on my first custom order request for my Etsy shop. Here’s what I accomplished – the first layer of my beaded Einstein sheepdog pin! For those of you who are just passing by, Einstein is taken from a larger piece I am currently working on – my beaded Back to the Future trilogy. Einstein is the world’s first time traveler! 😀

beaded Einstein sheepdog pin bead embroidery button pop art pet portraitBead embroidery on felt. 2.75″ x 2.25″w (6.5 cm x 6cm)

So far, I am using about 6 different colour Japanese size 15 seed beads. Using my long bent beading needle, the beads are stitched onto several layers of felt. Also, you will notice Einstein’s nose. It is a tiny black plastic babydoll button. I looked through my button collection, and realized that this was the last button of this particular size that I have. These shank buttons measure about 3/16″ (less than 0.5cm). I thought I might be able find some more at my local JoAnn Fabrics store (where I originally found them) but they did not have any. I might have some round black beads that would work for future dog noses, but I would love to find some more of these buttons! If you know where I could find them, please let me know! 🙂 Now, back to beading. Einstein needs floppy ears and a lot more hair! 😀

16 thoughts on “>Einstein’s Button Nose

  1. >When I used to do bears we got tiny glass buttons from a company that made buttons just for bears and such. That was in the ninety, but if you look for glass eyes on the internet and then refine your search it might yield something. They were imported I remember from Italy or Germany.

  2. >Thanks for the suggestion, Allie!! I skimmed through the Ebay listings a bit. Those particular ones say they are 3/8″ which is 3-times too big! The ones I am looking for are 3-4mm….

  3. >Fabulous! I wanted tiny shank buttons too, ended up using the small Czech teardrops, the ones that look like 8s with offcenter holes. The shank button would have been better.

  4. >Thanks, Cynthia! Since these are very tiny seed beads, it takes me awhile. I have worked on this for 4.5 hours so far! That includes time to cut out felt. When I am finished with the beadwork, I will have to add the pinback and backing. Overall, it’s about 11-12 hours of work.

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