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In the midst of all my blogging about The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop and the business of selling my work, I was contacted to do a custom order! A buyer on Etsy fell in love with my beaded Einstein sheepdog pin the moment she saw him, and asked me to make her one! She said he would look great on her winter coat! I am so excited! 😀

But, today, I looked through my bead stash, and realized that I am running out of a few staple colours that I should have on hand. Einstein is made from several different browns and a pale gray in size 15 Japanese seed beads. The colour I really wanted to stock up on is a Miyuki Matte Metallic Khaki. I just LOVE how it makes Einstein’s coat shimmer ever so slightly. Mixed with the other colours, I don’t require a lot of that particular colour to make Einstein, but I don’t want to run out either… So, I did a little shopping at Beaucoup Beads in Scituate! 😀

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In addition to my favourite colour, I also picked up a Root Beer and a Metallic Dark Bronze. Root Beer is a bit dark to use on Einstein, but I am thinking I can use it to make a beaded Rudy (Irish Jack Russell Terrier) pin to add to my Etsy shop in the future… Everyone seemed to love Rudy – he was really the first of my bead-embroidered dogs to become famous! So, that’s my idea. Until then, I currently have 4 different beading projects on my kitchen table. Guess I’d better get to work! What will you be working on this weekend? 😉

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  1. >A big congratulations on your commission! Oooo, bead shopping….that’s always so much fun. I love your color palette and your fabulous doggie pins. Enjoy working on your beady projects this weekend!Unfortunately, I haven’t been beadworking lately because of some knitted and crocheted holiday gifts I’ve been focusing on. That’s been very soothing and meditative though and I finally finished a blanket yesterday that I’ve been working on for years. Yay! I hope to get back to my bead stash soon.

  2. >O! it has been way too long since my last visit so I am going back a bit to read forward..lol lol lol!But am just rushing around the blogger world visiting my dear friends to wish them a very “Happy Christmas” as I know next week will be very busy for me………..so happy christmas my dear friend.from Lee-ann in Australia

  3. >I love the root beer beads too! They are so great! I’ve found a new one for me and that is a delica that is a metallic copper. Love love love it!How cool for you. Good going LB!

  4. >Thanks for the comments! Good to hear what everyone is working on! I think the majority of my pins will only be available on custom order. I have bigger things to accomplish…;)

  5. >Great! I sent you my mail before reading here. Does that mean that you will have a sale on etsy then soon? I guess, it will boost your shop really!!! 🙂 And the idea with the beaded Rudy pin is fantastic. You should go on pursuing this: Taking items out of your bigger projects and make them as pins or the like. You could also make a smaller version of your blue beaded bus, maybe …

  6. >Congrats on your commission…let’s hope your luck rubs off on your fellow beaders.Tomorrow I have a bunch of supplies to take pictures of and list on Etsy. After that I have 7 bead embroidered pendants to make for the micromaille chains I made last weekend :)Then I want to get started on a secret project…maybe involving Bead Dreams 2009????

  7. >I’ll be finishing about half a dozen projects for Etsy, and try to make some headway on an art piece (I’m beading a stethoscope). Love those shaggy dogs of yours!!

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