>Broken Time Pieces

>Back to the Future car DeLorean Einstein pop art beaded Victorian clock watch faces bead embroidery time travel

Remember these antique Victorian watch faces I got when I was in London last year? Well, I think now is a good time to use them. There are also some tiny new clock parts in the pile as well. I plan to stitch them onto my painted Back to the Future canvas today! Yay! 😀

13 thoughts on “>Broken Time Pieces

  1. >Be sure to set the hands to 20:00 hours on all the watch faces.that way, when it’s pirate day again, you can claim the work is called “Pieces of Eight!” 😉

  2. >I have a small box of watch fixings too — usually at the garage sales in the summer they can still be found — my home town is where the Elgin Watch was made for many, many, years and there was a watch makers college here too — so for a long time there was a lot of “watch things” floating around. Not so much anymore though — so glad you found some goodies.

  3. >Interesting! Looking forward to how this piece will turn out. The loose arrangement here looks pretty perfect as it is now. I like the pretty pink mother-of-pearl face at the top. 🙂

  4. >That should look great! Did you have that in mind when you bought the watch faces, or was that more of a “these are cool, I’ll use them eventually” kind of purchase?

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