>Spiralized Painting


Back to the Future car DeLorean acrylics Einstein dog pop art beaded sgraffito black hole bead embroidery
Beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine.
Bead embroidery on 16″ x 20″ painting. Part 2 of 3.

Yesterday, I tried a new painting technique, sgraffito. To do this technique, paint your canvas one colour, then paint over it with a second colour. Using the ‘wrong’ end of your paintbrush, scratch in a drawing or design to reveal the first paint colour. You can also do this on a blank canvas using only one colour. In my painting above, I actually started with red acrylic. Then I painted black over it, and scratched in a spiral design. I did this a few times using several different colours. You can see my painted canvas HERE

The spiral represents some sort of black hole through which Einstein travels in his beaded DeLorean time machine. What do you think happens to Einstein’s clock as he journeys into the black hole? And, what will happen to Einstein? 😮


9 thoughts on “>Spiralized Painting

  1. >I wish I’d seen your post earlier! I just ran into my landlord today and he has a PhD in astrophysics- I could have given you such a smart answer! Without his input, I can only suppose that Einstein gets dissolved and then reconstituted as a banana when he emerges through the other side.

  2. >Too funny. I remember having a project in grammar school. Coloring a white piece of paper completely with crayons. No white could show. Then paint with black paint and scrape off to make a picture. It was great fun and I never forgot the experience. One of my friends colored with all different blues and scraped off an undersea painting. Now, he was an artist.Like yours too.Bev

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