>Painted Parking Lot


Yesterday, I did a little painting on a 16 x 20″ canvas.

Back to the Future car DeLorean acrylics painting pop art bead embroidery
First I painted the entire canvas black using acrylics. Then, I painted my vision of the shopping mall that is in the original film. I think it need some more colour, and maybe a sign or two… At first, I started out not liking my work, but I never do… That just means I have to keep on painting! When this is complete, it will be the first part of my beaded Back to the Future beaded trilogy...

beaded Back to the Future car DeLorean acrylics painting pop art bead embroidery
Beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine.
Bead embroidery on felt on
16″ x 20″ canvas.

And, speaking of that, we all remember when Einstein test drives the DeLorean time machine in the original film. What year do you think he visited? And, if you could travel through time, what year would you visit? Would you go back to a happier time, like the 1950’s? Would you like to witness a particular historical event? Or would you like to travel to the future? What would you like to see, and what wouldn’t you like to see, and why?

14 thoughts on “>Painted Parking Lot

  1. >Where and when would I go to. Maybe back to when I had horses! That was fun. It would be the 50’s and I loved my horses! Then I’d be back here in nothing flat.

  2. >Thanks for all the comments! I would also like to go back to the 60’s. That may have been one of the most important decades in U.S. history! There were also some very cool cars then, as well! It’s really interesting to see what everyone would like to see if they could go back in time! 😀

  3. >I would love to travel back in time to any year in the 70s just to live the time, wear the clothes, listen to the disco music and see myself as a kid back then–remembering when Wonder Woman was my favorite TV show and my brother and I played with Tonka toys and Fisher price people on the shag carpet in the living room, in front of the floor model TV…

  4. >I actually like it right now. Of course, I’d like to go back with the knowledge I have now. Maybe to high school. I’ve gotten reaquainted with some high school class mates and I’m enjoying them much more that I did then.Bev

  5. >I would go back to 4th of July 1976.I was living in Washington DC and a little bit younger … and huge party-chic.But, only to party for a while … I like it where I am now!:-)

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