>Just A Few More Seed Beads…


…and this car will be headed Back to the Future! :0

Beaded Back to the Future Trilogy DeLorean car pop art painting bead embroidery artist
Semi-beaded DeLorean time machine. 10″ wide x 4″.
Bead embroidery on felt. Click to enlarge.

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14 thoughts on “>Just A Few More Seed Beads…

  1. >Haha! Thanks for the comments! And, good question, Joshua! It does take me awhile to clen up my beads sometimes. I try to do it as I go along. And, if I have a pile of mixed up beads, like the blue ones, usually I don’t seperate the colours because it does take 9 years!!! LOL

  2. >WoWzor!So, just how long does it take you to clean up when you’re done? Do you pick all of the black beads out of the blue ones? That must take 9 years!

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