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I have been busy beading my DeLorean time machine, but I would like to complete a little more before I show you. So, today I thought I’d show you a couple of my latest promotional tools – Facebook & AboutUs.org.

You all know that I have a Facebook Visual Artist page, but I have recently created a Facebook store page for my Etsy shop. There I will show all my latest beaded paintings and wearable art that is available for sale. I have also synced my blog up to it which means anyone who stumbles upon The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop will easily be able to learn a little more about my bead embroidery. So, if you’re on Facebook, please stop by and take a peek! You’ll see that I added my beaded Einstein sheepdog pin to my shop! 😀

Beaded Back to the Future Trilogy DeLorean car pop art bead embroidery artist
I recently discovered the second promotional tool, AboutUs.org. AboutUs is a wiki for businesses and organizations, and it contains millions of editable pages about websites. According to their home page, approx. 6 million people visit the site per month. So, I decided to edit my page for TheLoneBeader.com. I figure it can’t hurt. Check it out:

Beaded Back to the Future Trilogy DeLorean car pop art bead embroidery artist

AboutUs is a little tricky to edit, but it’s kinda fun at the same time. My page has really only existed for about a week, and already 2 others have edited my page to improve it, which means people are looking at it! And, if you click around, you’ll notice my link on both the Blogger & Etsy page. I don’t mind being the only one listed on those pages, but it would be nice to have some others join in. If you have your own website, consider editing your AboutUs page. Afterall, you never know who will find it! 😀

And, speaking of promoting, it is always nice when someone else helps you promote your work. Today, I received a message stating that Flamingo Moon has been featured in yet another Treasury! And, just when I thought no one was looking at my beadwork! Thanks so much, CustomizedJust4You!

Beaded Back to the Future Trilogy DeLorean car pop art bead embroidery artist
Promoting is not easy. It takes time, and dedication, but I think it eventually pays off. What are you doing to promote yourself today?? 😀

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  1. >Wow! Take an intensive course, get a cold, go to the mountains for a retreat and still trying to recover and look what happens! I’m glad you are doing so much to promote. I think it eventually all pays off, it just takes awhile.

  2. >I need to submit my work to a few magazines, myself. But maybe not beading ones…. And, Cynthia, I’m glad you learned something new! I think there are a lot of people who don’t know about that site…

  3. >I learned something new today! I’ve never heard of aboutus.lorg and am going to check it out when I have some down time.I think you do a terrific job promoting yourself!

  4. >I submit my articles to craft magazines. My partner & boyfriend does a lot of SEO work and other kinds of Internet marketing.. I believe that posting free tutorials either on blog or at the store website will bring a lot of new people.

  5. >Depending on the day, I try to do most of this marketing stuff early in the mornin and/or very late at night. On an ideal day, I do beadwork in the late afternoon, and in the evenings. For some reason, I am a night owl when it comes to creative work!

  6. >You do an excellent job of promoting yourself! I believe as you, that this may assist in future sales. Do you have a schedule of when you do these marketing type activities, or limit your online time so it doesn’t impede your creative time?

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